Total VP meets with Tanzanian President Dr. John Maghufuli over crude oil pipeline

Mr. Javier Rielo, the vice president of Total assured Tanzania’s President Dr.John Maghufuli that the soon to be constructed pipeline from Uganda to Tanga will begin soon.

Mr. Rielo, who held talks with Dr. Maghufuli at the Dar es Salaam state house said on Monday 14thMarch 2014 that Total had set aside funds for the 1410 kilometre pipeline which is expected to transport 200,000 barrels a day from Uganda’s Albertine basin to the port of Tanga. The project is estimated to cost $4 billion with a 3 year timeline, although Dr. Maghufuli requested that the timeline be reduced so that the region could benefit from the crude oil.

The Tanzanian Energy Minister, Prof. Sospeter Muhongo was also in attendance and said that the project was best suited to terminate at the Tanga port given the climate and topography of the route.

Prof. Muhongo added that Tanzania which is also prospecting for oil in the Lake Tanganyika and Lake Evasi regions hoped that the oil pipeline would transport any discoveries.

The efforts by both Total and Tanzania to have the route go through Tanga is a major blow to Kenya who have poured cold water on the Tanzania-Uganda deal terming it subject to discussion by the East African states at the next summit.


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